We're making CPAs cool.

Gardner & Capparelli was established in June 2016. What started out as just Matt & Jim, has grown to a team of 10 in just over two years. Gardner & Capparelli is certainly NOT your stereotypical accounting firm! We pride ourselves on being a high quality, boutique firm specializing in servicing small & medium sized businesses. Matt & Jim spent the better part of their careers with a large regional firm in Syracuse prior to founding the company. As they began down the path of entrepreneurship and Matt & Jim met with anyone who was willing to take a meeting, mentor or guide them. Along the way they met a ton of interesting and dynamic people who were entrepreneurs themselves. It seemed there was an increasing number of people putting down roots and starting businesses, in Syracuse and allover Upstate New York. Matt & Jim say the needs of the modern-day entrepreneur and business owner no longer fits the model of the traditional accounting firm. So, they set out to offer an alternative solution. Leveraging technology and software, Gardner & Capparelli is working with clients throughout New York State and into the Boston market.

The culture at Gardner & Capparelli is a reflection of the desired lifestyle Matt & Jim set out to live. They built the business around that notion. At G&C we march to our own beat, wear whatever makes us comfortable and love what we do. This all makes us who we are and most importantly stay passionate about what we do. We built our office to feel like a techy start-up. Our style and personalities are what make us so approachable and appealing to our clients. We don’t hire “bean counters”, we hire dynamic accountants. It makes us that much more valuable to our clients. Technical capabilities are important, but so is understanding people. In addition to all of this, we are also extremely good at what we do!


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